Best Board Games for 5-Year-Olds

best board games for 5-years old reviews

Board games are useful for children of all ages, especially for younger ones.

Playing board games is exciting and helps to encourage school skills: reading, simple math, recognition of shapes.

Board games for 5-year-olds kids are fun. Children can play games like jigsaw puzzles, adventure games, and others. In games, they show their creativity and social skills.

Children are just starting to read at the age of five, and games should have simple instructions and a fast pace to keep children interested. We’ve done all the research and found the best games on the market for this age group to save your time by finding short, fun, and easy games.

Here is our Top-5 List of the best board games for 5 years old kids:

1. Chutes and Ladders – Editor’s Choice
2. XUER Ergonomics Office Chair Mesh Computer Desk Chair – Premium Choice
3. ThinkFun Zingo Bingo – Great Value
4. Battleship Classic – Educational Board Games for 5-Year-Olds
5. Hasbro Hi Ho! Cherry-O – Fun board games for 5-Year-Olds


Best Board Games for 5-Year-Olds Reviews

Editor’s Choice

Chutes and Ladders

Chutes and Ladders is a patented board game created by the Milton Bradley Company in 1949. The game aims to move ahead by moving to a higher level. From zero to eight different spaces are on each board, which can be filled with pegs. The players take turns and can either move their player piece to an adjacent space or a more distant one. Jumping over other player pieces is allowed if you’ll land on a square or step on some peg that does not have a direction marker on it. Therefore, the goal of this game is to move to higher levels than your opponent. Also, this game can be played by several people. 

It will take you eight turns to get to the highest position since the pole numbers are directly linked with the start position number. In each level, you make a move for yourself and one for your opponent. “R” means that you have to roll a 6 or an 8 to land on that peg.

There are also colors and numbers on the board. The player can take a tile of a particular color and form a path with these tiles to a leader, leading you to a destination. 

These tiles have to be next to each other with the same number to connect. There are plenty of combinations in different levels. 

You might get some unexpected amount of highest levels achieved by someone else after a while.

What I Like

Design: It is very colorful and pretty. This item brings a smile to your face at the beginning of every game. 

Study: It helps to develop children’s logical thinking and planning skills. We can always make a move or a plan even when we don’t have enough moves.

What I Do Not Like

Time: Sometimes, there is no patience to play this game for a very long time.

Players: Only up to 3 people can play at once.

Boards: On the board, it is not always clear in which direction to move.

Premium Choice

ThinkFun Zingo Bingo

Welcome to Zingo! A crazy game of cognitive challenges and a joyful zing! 

Zingo Bingo is not a competitive game but rather focuses on getting children to communicate. It’s educational, great for children’s development, and fun for the whole family. 

Requires two or more players to play. The optimal group size is three or more to get the most out of it, with an additional player acting as the Zingo Zone.

Each player gets a picture card and one or two dot cards. Every round, you should announce the number on your card (maybe the number of dots left or right if there are more than four dots). Players have to identify matching pictures in a zoned format. If you are in the same Zingo zone as someone, you push your Zingo cards into their Zingos until both cards are out of the zone. The first player to zing 8 cards wins!

This game will improve your cognitive skills such as eye-hand coordination, motor dexterity, problem-solving, literacy, and vocabulary building!

This game can be played anywhere from long car rides to 1 on 1 at home

Zingo Bingo is a fast, fun, and addictive board game for 5-years old children.  

What I Like

Fun: this game is interesting for the whole family.

Travel: Suitable for long car journeys. Children always have something to have fun on the road.

Material: The game is made of durable materials. So you don’t have to worry that it will tear quickly.

What I Do Not Like

Bug: The card is constantly confiscated in the zinger part.

Words: More simple words are missing for the smallest children.

Great Value

Battleship Classic

It is a puzzle that can be solved by repeated trials and patience. Much like Battleship’s classic game, players use strategy to block their opponents from making predetermined groups of ships in this game.

The board is made up of 12 hexagonal tiles with six different ships on each one. These ships are drawn randomly in a bag and are dumped out onto the game board. The game’s object is to eliminate the opponent’s ships from the grid so that none of your ships are left standing at the end. 

This is a strategy game that forces you to use your memory and thinking skills. Team up with your opponents or battle them in the ultimate skill-testing memory game.

What I Like

Quality: This is a high-quality game. It is made to last and be used for many years. The quality of the cards is top-notch.

Design: The design and gameplay are creative. Everyone in the family can play. It is educational. For example, if a player kills an opponent’s boat, the player gains the right to steal one of the opponent’s cards, in addition to winning or losing any battle.

Fun: It is fun. I can spend hours creating and playing new game strategies.

What I Do Not Like

Little storage space: The pieces come apart easily. 

Design: Letters and numbers are complicated to see in the background

Educational Board Games for 5 Year Olds

Hasbro Hi Ho! Cherry-O

Hasbro is the world’s leader in family games. This is a classic memory game for all ages that promotes strategic planning, quick thinking, counting, memory skills, and a lot of laughing along the way!

Children ages 3+ will love to pick berries from trees by filling their buckets.

The spinner shows how many berries you need to remove and put in the bucket.

When the arrow points to a bird or dog, the child must return two cherries to the tree. If the arrow points to the bucket, then all previously harvested cherries are returned to the tree.

Purpose of the game: collect all berries from your tree.

Four people can play the game. While playing, children gain skills:

  1. Clock with numbers – visual thinking.
  2. Counting skills.
  3. Listening skills.
  4. Problem-solving and logical thinking.

This game will become a favorite one for the whole family. Children will be able to hone math skills playfully. And parents can have fun with their children.

What I Like

Simple: The game is straightforward to play for child 3+ old year;

Study: The child can learn counting and patience from this game;

Gift: The game comes with a bird puzzle;

What I Do Not Like

Dangerous: Tiny berry size. There is a danger that the child may choke. They are also often scattered around the room and can roll under the sofa;

Fragile: The board game is made of flimsy materials;

Long Game: The game can go on for a very long time, this may be boring for adults and children.

Fun board games for 5-Year-Olds

Board Game Hasbro Monopoly Junior

The Monopoly Junior is a straightforward board game aimed to be enjoyed by kids 5-year-olds and up. It comes with a die, small game pieces, and instructions for the game. The game comes with components that are very appealing for kids of this age. You begin the game by rolling the dice and moving forward according to the number that you rolled.

Depending on where you landed, choose which properties to collect or place houses on, and look to earn money. Each time someone lands on your space, steal some money from them. Play until everyone has reached their goal, or you win! 

Hasbro Monopoly Junior Board Game is a great addition to the family board game collection. It’s a great way to teach basic money saving strategies and develop problem-solving skills like creating budgets. We also love that this game adds in some fun and social play for kids, and they’ll be really excited when they take home a pound of hot dogs to add to the game.

What I Like

Fun: Monopoly Junior is a traditional fun game that can be played by the whole family. It has heaps of fun questions, and so the joy will last forever as it’ll provide lots of giggles. 

Study: Trading is a natural way for kids to learn about personal goods, bartering, and get used to working together as a family. 

Gifts: Suitable for a gift for girls and boys. interesting for both children and adults

What I Do Not Like

Material: not the strongest materials the board is made of. Wrinkles appear after a month of use.

Money: Only the $1 bill is used in the game.

Buyer’s Guide

Board Games for 5-Year-Olds Selecting Guide

Safety: When you’re buying 5-year-olds board games, you should check their safety feature. Look for a UPC label that verifies the game is safe.

  1. A fixed-top surface not capable of rolling or falling off the table
  2. The presence of sharp points, edges, and corners might cause injury to small children. Board games should have smooth edges and rounded corners, so they don’t cut into fingers and gouge the child.
  3. Sturdy pieces that cannot come apart easily or fit too loosely in compartments designed to hold them: a game that falls apart may cause a choking hazard. 
  4. Look for hard plastic for all game pieces. Also, avoid sharp metal edge pieces to avoid cutting; hard plastic spinning pieces are safer than soft ones.

Interests: Children change all the time while they are growing up; they interact with other children and try new things.

For example, at one age, the game is good and interesting for your kid, but when one more year passes, it may become boring or too easy, so it’s always best to try to gauge your current child’s interest.

Complexity: I would say that the complexity of the game means how many rules there are in a certain game. How much time a new player must always learn these complicated rules. What is the main aim of such a game, to win or just to have fun.

Long Service Life: Long service life means that the manufacture of a game has good durability and quality. Usually, the manufacturers give a warranty for their products to be more popular.

Higher the price of a product, better the quality of a product. The problem is that, a cheaper product costs less to manufacture. So, it does not have a long life.


What board games should I buy for a child over five years old for traveling by car?

I think Hangman is a good choice for traveling. There are many movies and short stories about that written by most of the popular authors. Moreover, it depends on your kids. I can also suggest you pick up a Jeopardy Board game if you are looking for something to increase your child’s mental skills.

What are the best board games for 5-year-olds?

You can find the list of the best board games for 5-years old children above. To add more games to the list, you can check out some great board games for kids with learning themes, like collecting, sorting, and matching: The Floor is Lava, Scrabble Junior Game, Days of Wonder Ticket to Ride.

Is it difficult for a child five years old to play board games?

No, because they are looking to find and learn more skills all the time and enjoy playing board games much more. A little imagination helps.

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